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We Have Over 15 Years Of Experience Providing Business Solutions For Sonic, Sodexo, Darden Family Restaurants, Noodles & Co, Government Facilities, Shoppers Supermarket, Dippin' Dot's And Now, Your Restaurant.

We Pride Ourselves In Our Community Efforts By Not Hiring The Best But By Hiring And Training Those Who Are Willing To Become The Best In The Industry! Creating New Jobs, New Careers And New Opportunities For Everyone.

Our history

The Restaurant Trainers Was Established In 2002.  Initially, The Primary Focus Was FOH.  Over The Next Few Years, We Moved To BOH-Conducting Food Safety And Franchise/Corporate Compliance Audits For Kitchens All Over The Country. 

We Are Creators Of The Dine Smart Program To Allow Restaurants To Show The Community Their Commitment To Providing A Safer Food Environment!

In addition to Food Safety, we have helped restaurants with cutting costs and improving profits through creative marketing strategies.

Our specialities

It's Our Goal To Provide Assist Every Restaurant In Creating A Better Business Model For That Business. 

Making A Community Difference-One Restaurant At A Time.

It's Important To Us To Provide A Safer Food Environment  And Profitable Business Program! 


Our Newest Strategic Partner!

We have worked with many types of businesses, helping them grow and surpass their financial goals.  Our latest partnership is with Optima!  Optima allows our businesses to advertise to potential customers within 400 yards (4 football fields) away from their device using a cookie sized Beacon!  This resource is extremely affordable and can expand your reach to any blue-tooth enabled device in the area!  This service is GREAT for every type of business that wants to broaden their customer base.  Contact Us Today!

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We Love What We Do! 

Providing Corporations with Efficient, Cost Effective Franchise Compliance Audits, Nationwide. 

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